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Professional Eyelash Extensions and Lash Lift Services.  

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    • Signature SweetPea Lashes® $200
      Our signature set of lashes is our most popular.  A full set of lash extensions with up to 100 extensions per eye if you have that many!  Individually applied and customized for your desired results. 90 minutes.
    • Bold and Beautiful Lashes $250

      Our Bold and Beautiful set of lashes is our glam set.  Mixing classic extensions (one extension on one natural lash) with our volume lashes (four finer lashes per natural lash) we are able to achieve greatness!  The soft, silk, flexible lashes offer support for a fluffy lash line that is bold and luxurious.  120 minutes.

      • Very Volume Lashes $300
        The "Volume" technique masterfully achieves a ratio of three to four lightweight lashes to one natural lash.  The results are a full, lush lash line that 
        appears fluffy and soft and maintains the health and safety of our client's own lashes.  Each fan is made during service in the Russian Volume technique.

      • MEGAVOLUME® Lashes $350
        MEGAVOLUME® Lashes are the most dramatic, bold and full lashes humanly possible.  This technique allows 10-15 very black bold lashes to be applied to a single lash because the lashes are only .03 in diameter.  One bold, classic lash is .20 in diameter and weighs 0.003 g.  With the MEGAVOLUME® lashes, each beautiful, royal sable lash is only .03 in diameter weighing in at only 0.00002 g.  This means that even 10 of these lashes won't weigh as much as much as a single classic lash and when you get 10-15 beautiful fans applied across your lid, these lashes have the appearance of a dramatic strip lash.  Only for clients who want more, more, more!  
      • Lash Removal $45
        This should be scheduled before a new set if any lashes remain. Clients who had their lashes applied by us are never charged for removal.  

      *New clients, please book a new client fill if you did not get your original set with us.  This allows us 90 minutes to consult with you and go through your lashes to check for application errors.  Must have at least 50% of lashes to be considered a fill.
      • New Client Fill $150
        This service is for brand new clients of SweetPea Lashes®.  A New Client Fill is a 90 minute service that will allow ample time for your current set to be examined and corrected if necessary and then filled properly with matching lashes.  Both classic and volume lashes can be filled during this service if current set is properly applied and can be brushed through easily.  Lashes must be at least 50% full to be considered a fill.  For Mega Volume lashes, please book a Mega Volume Fill even as a new client.
      • 60 Minute Classic Fill $85
        This service is for existing clients whom had their last fill or full set done here within the past five weeks.  This service is only one hour so if more than half of your lashes are gone, a new set or 90 minute lash fill may be necessary for best results.
      • 90 minute/Glam or Volume Fill $150
        This service is for clients wearing volume or glam lashes and still have 50 % remaining.  Must be booked within five weeks of last appointment to be considered a fill.
      • MEGAVOLUME® Fills $200
        Keep your MEGAVOLUME® lashes full and fluffy with a 90 minute service every two to four weeks (no more than four).  We remove the ones worn out and replace those while filling in your new growth with full Royal Sable or Cashmere lashes.
    • LASH LIFT®

      • Lash Lift® with Tint $130
        Our Lash Lift® is a procedure that lifts and curls our own natural lashes at the root in an upward position, creating the appearance of longer, thicker lashes.  As part of the service, we also include a lash tint to darken the natural lash line.  The result lasts six to eight weeks.
    • Eye Smoothing Treatments

      • Thermismooth® $200
        Thermismooth® is a non-invasive under eye treatment for bags and dark circles.  The treatment is performed using a specially designed temperature controlled hand piece that uses dental dermal heating and radio frequency to smooth, tighten and rejuvenate the skin.  There is no downtime and 3-6 weekly treatments are recommended for best results, though results may be seen as early as one treatment.

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